HELP ME BA is designed to provide a safe haven for homeowners, and future homeowners, to learn about anything related to mortgages without worrying about buying a product or service. As a mortgage adviser, I have found my success rooted in educating my clients about topics that are normally hidden from them. Whether it is credit scoring, buying your first home, learning how rates are determined, paying points, equity management, or reverse mortgages, there is too much misinformation in the media. Because the mortgage market changes on an hourly basis, it is close to impossible for anyone not in the business to keep track of what is going on. My objective with HELP ME BA is to pull back the curtain and reveal how to acquire and manage what is normally the largest emotional and financial transaction a person will make.

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If you have questions about any information on the site, are curious about a subject that may not be on the site, or just want to make comments to me personally, please feel free to reach out.

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